Aberle Films
Fluffy's Trip

I think the title might give too much away.

Fluffy, that eager little dog, gets to go for a car ride with his Master, but he can't resist eating the bag of chocolates that the Master has carelessly left in the back seat. It's not hard to imagine what happens next on that swaying, bumpy road....

This is going to be very familiar territory for anyone who has ever witnessed a dog throwing up. Remember that "coffee pot perking" sound they make? Well, here we will put the whole thing to music, which is playing on the Master's radio. I've always thought that this will be the funniest of the three films.

The drawings included here are preliminary storyboard sketches by Robin Ator. We always do these sketches for a film; it makes communicating a visual idea much simpler.

We won't give too much away here; obviously the story is more than just a dog throwing up, but rather about the decision-making process and the choices one makes.

And it should be funny.

And just a bit gross.....